The School has a registered daily care club operated by Gofal Plant Cyf, sister company of Menter Dinefwr.

The club provides care for 36 school children outside normal school hours in a safe and friendly environment, with various activities organised daily, such as arts and crafts, games and sports. The club runs a morning and afternoon session, and is a natural start or progression to the normal school day.

The cost for the morning session is £2.70 per child (8-9am), and it’s £7.50 per child to attend the after school club (3.15pm-6pm).  The price includes light refreshments at both sessions. The Club is registered with Care Inspectorate Wales and is managed by professional staff.

If you would like your child to attend the Club or have any questions, please contact Nerys Howell (leader) at the Club or Non Edwards (Registered Person) Gofal Plant Cyf on (01558) 825336.

Here is the link to the Gofal Plant Cyf website 




Twts Tywi Limited provides a number of different wrap around services for families in the local community.

Wrap around care

The service is for children starting part time at Teilo Sant. Collecting and transporting children to and from the school to our award-winning nursery in Manordeilo.

Clwb Twts Tywi

The high-quality provision, commended by our families at the main nursery is now echoed in the services provided at Clwb Twts Tywi, situated on the grounds of Llandeilo school. Our ethos is to deliver high quality childcare for busy, working parents, every school day from when school finishes until 6pm.

We understand that at the end of a busy school day, your children might be tired or want to let off steam. Our after-school club therefore has a relaxed feel, giving children the choice to take part in a large selection of games and activities (indoors and outdoors) catch up with old friends or make new ones.

We are also very fortunate to be able to use the allotment, where the children will learn from real life experiences in planting flowers, herbs and vegetables.

Children are offered a healthy snack every afternoon, made up of fresh fruit or vegetables and carbohydrate (crumpets, sandwiches, wraps etc).                                                                                                               Holiday club

The club runs from 8am until 6pm during school holidays, closing only on bank holidays and a week at Christmas. We provide complete childcare for all boys and girls between the ages of 3 – 12 years. Welcoming all children and their families without prejudice, to provide an inclusive practice that values diversity.

Clwb Twts Tywi provides a range of resources and activities that have been initiated by the children, which include art and craft activities, scientific experiments, gardening, sporting activities and many more. The holiday club will consist of all these activities, along with visits to amenities within the local town for first hand experiences.

Funding opportunities:

Upon your child turning 3 years old you are entitled to the childcare offer for Wales. We can provide up to 20 hours free funding a week, during term time for our wraparound service at the nursery. During the school holidays, you can utilise the full 30 hours with us, giving you the opportunity of three full days at our holiday club, covered entirely by this offer, with nothing for you to pay. Families are entitled to these 30 hours over 9 weeks of the school holidays.

Or you could save 20% on fees in registering with the Tax-free childcare.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about the services offered and to book a viewing:

Tel: 01550779039